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Pegged supply production order in different site

Posted on by 17
Hello all, 
We are designing an implementation of production control where the finished good has sub production orders related to it in different sites. Pegged supply BOM type seems to be limited to a single site, is there any functionality that could achieve this ? 
Note : The subproduction order is make to order to the main production order, we would probably need some sort of marking/link between production order 1 and subproduction order (including any transfer orders)
Example : 
FG1 - Site 1, Warehouse 1
WIP 1 - Site 2, Warehouse 2
  • SQ-30051309-0 Profile Picture
    SQ-30051309-0 17 on at
    Pegged supply production order in different site
    Thanks Nigel, 
    We want transfer orders to be created between the main production order and sub production order. 
    Using pegged supply this does not happen. The pegged production order is created in the warehouse that is assigned to the WIP item in the main production BOM. 
    Production order 1  FG Warehouse 1 
    Production BOM 
    WIP                          Warehouse 2
    Production order 2 WIP (created automatically when Production order 1 is estimated) Warehouse 2
    I am curious how companies use pegged supply in this instance, how does transfer of inventory happen for the WIP to the main production order warehouse. 
    Appreciate any help on this. 
  • Nigel J Cox Profile Picture
    Nigel J Cox 34 on at
    Pegged supply production order in different site
    I'm very interested in why you don't want a planned transfer between Sites? Are they geographically very close? If so, I would have advised one site, two warehouses.

    If they are remote, I would advise to plan a transfer. If remote, then establish planned transfer from Site 1 Warehouse1 to Site 2 Warehouse1 2 (either on the warehouse if almost everything from 2-2 goes to 1-1, or on Item Coverage). Now pegged supply on the Site 1 BOM should create planned transfers that would be pegged (must confess, that's what I've learned, but not tested). Ugly, but you would need to manually peg by Mark lines Site 2 Warehouse1 2 Productions to the Transfer orders once created (or a Customization?). Are you using Actual cost or Standard cost? Unless thinks have changed MSFT won't let you manually mark lines for standard cost items - I've been begging for that for years.
  • Tom Berry Profile Picture
    Tom Berry 93 on at
    Pegged supply production order in different site
    I'm interested if you have found any information on this. I have a similar scenario where I need to make an item in a production warehouse then transfer it to a vendor warehouse for subcontracting work and consumption. Would be nice to create the TO that keeps the work order pegged to it. Would appreciate any info you have found. 

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