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Italy bollo / stamp duty

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Hello all, do you know if the standard automatic determination of stamp duty / bollo (tax) functionality is available in Dynamics Finance and Operation?
For example, when the invoice amount is equal to or greater than 77.47 EUR, the 2 EURO Bollo / stamp duty could automatically be calculated and added in the invoice total (free text invoice, project invoice, etc.)
It would be appreciated if you can share your experiences how this can be handled in F&O. 
If not possible to automate this, manually how to handle it end to end. Thanks.
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    Italy bollo / stamp duty
    It is part of the Italian localization.
    You can add two electronic properties to the legal entity: Bollo (not charged to the customer) and BolloPay (charged to the customer)
    After creating two charge codes, set the charge code in the properties.
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    Italy bollo / stamp duty
    Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply and collecting the information.
    The scenario here is a bit different than % tax calculation.
    It is a charge to the customer on invoice.
    Only when the invoice has no VAT and the net amount =or >77.47 EUR, then a 2 EUR charge should be added.
    If the conditions are not met, this 2 EUR should not be charged. 
    I was wondering if there is any best workaround or experience that it can be handled end to end from order, invoice (automatic populate it when conditions met), journal posting, reporting, etc. even it may be manual (because I don't see yet a standard solution that can automate this process). 
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    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Italy bollo / stamp duty
    I found two old threads for you, one using the method of using additional tax settings (Tax groups, Tax code, Tax item group) to setup additional 1% tax. Eventually you can create a separate Sales Tax settlement period to do the declaration seperately.  For more details, here is the link: Dynamics Community Forum Thread Details.
    Another one using the method of creating a sales tax code and add it to item sales tax group. For more details, here is the link: Dynamics Community Forum Thread Details.
    Best regards,

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