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requirement to Send Email to All Contacts associated with an Account

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I have a requirement to send email to a Attendance Admins in the system, which are list of contacts



In this screen shot I have a custom entity called Attendance, and I have a look up field in this named Attendance Contact which is coming from Contacts, and I have done a Advanced find on this and saved it.

Say If I have multiple contacts in the Advance find, How do I send an email to all the contacts in the Advance find.

  1. I have tried workflows, but I’m not sure how to set an Advance find to an Action
  2. Can this be dine easily from Power Flows.
  3. Any Other best ways of doing this ?

Advice much appreciated


  • jagathsb Profile Picture
    jagathsb 70 on at
    RE: requirement to Send Email to All Contacts associated with an Account

    HI Nya,

    Thanks It works see below,but the problem I have is I have to select the "Attendence Contact" look up fields Manually. How do I set it to Pick up all the contact from the Look Up and send the Emails Automatically.


    See I have this Account ABC and It has several Contacts with Contact types and it is connected to Attendence entity, I want to set the Attendence Contact Automatically and send an Email to all the related ABC Contacts an email, of the Attendence Record, how can I acheive this.





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    Bipin D365 Profile Picture
    Bipin D365 28,934 Super User on at
    RE: requirement to Send Email to All Contacts associated with an Account


    If you are using CRM online version of dynamics CRM and you want to send same email content to all contacts then you can make use of OOB feature Send Direct Email.

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    Nya Profile Picture
    Nya 29,043 on at
    RE: requirement to Send Email to All Contacts associated with an Account

    Hi Jag,

    It can be achieved with Flow.

    For example, here is a custom entity called Custom which has an N:1 relationship with Contact entity.


    And here are the steps of the flow.

    1. Trigger it as you need or set it as an on-demand one.

    2. Get the Contact with the Custom record in the trigger step.

    3. Add a condition to check if the email field of the contact record exists.
      The expression here is something like:
    4. If yes, send the email to the contact with the "Send an email notification (V3)" in Power Automate.

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