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Comprehensive overview of attachments

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I have two situations I am trying to address, and I don't know if there is just a lack of knowledge of the system and related processes or if there is a lack of funcionality to support such business needs.

1) We have one situation where auditors at month/year close will reach out with a sample of vouchers and ask to be provided with the related documents that are attached to the financial document. In other words, we receive a list of vouchers and need to find the attached documents for each related journal. Is there a user friendly way to approach this? Having to look for the vouchers through voucher transactions and then navigating to each original document, to open and download the attachment seems far from optional. Perhaps if you could utilize sharepoint or another list view from which you can download all the attachments at once.
2) Every journal of a certain journal name should have supporting documents attached. The accountant manager want to be able to be able to ensure each one of these posted journals have an attachment. Is there a list view that can be filtered on /attached documents/ set to Yes/No or similar?

Thanks in advance,
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    Comprehensive overview of attachments
    Hi Oskar,
    In addition to feedback from Andre, there is a standard entity for export of attachment reference for general journal.
    Entity name: "General journal attachments"
    This entity export journal batch number and not the attachment itself. The attachment is stored in Azure Blob and you need to have customization to export the attachment directly while this entity provide the reference for the attachment.
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    Comprehensive overview of attachments
    Hi Oskar,
    I will provide my thoughts here.
    1) Out of the box, there is no easy way for this. You can consider a customization for a quick inquiry form in F&O or, like you mentioned, another solution outside of F&O.
    2) This would require a customization. Per journal, you can have a visual indication if there are documents attached or not. To be able to use this information for filter purposes, the form needs to be extended to realize filter options.  

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