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How to use a List in a dialog form ?

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Posted on by 321

Hi guys,

I need to use a custom field with multiselect lookup on a dialog form. ( i extended the right class and implemented it)

Which type of Edt should i use to get the values from this custom field ?

And how to implement it in code (i didnt find any example) ?

For now i tried to add a string field on this dialog and the value from this field is : "524C; 525C; 526C", that s the multiselection i made.

But i need to use this values separtly to loop on it so i thought that i need a list and iterate on it, is it right ?

Someone could help ?


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    Mohit Rampal Profile Picture
    Mohit Rampal 12,534 Super User on at
    RE: How to use a List in a dialog form ?

    Hi, You can try below code to loop through all selected values from string control. Replace InputStr with your string control name that have values. You can create this code in method and pass string control as parameter.

    List            list = new List(Types::String);
    ListIterator    iterator;
    list = Global::strSplit(InputStr, ";");
    iterator = new ListIterator(list);
    while (iterator.more())
        info(strfmt("%1",iterator.value()); //This will give individual value

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    GirishS Profile Picture
    GirishS 27,799 Super User on at
    RE: How to use a List in a dialog form ?

    Hi Awaxx,

    Yes, you need to use container function to get the selected value from the multiselect lookup class. Multiselect Lookup class will have method to get the selected value as container.

    Refer to the below blogs and see if it was helpful.


    Girish S.

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