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"Sign in to continue" - Teams Connection

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I'm evaluating the Teams Integration with Dynamics 365 CE and really like the whole integration capabilities. We are in our early testing and have encountered an issue which I wonder if anyone might know why?

The issue:

When a team has been created via D365 a Tab is present on the team that connects with the Dynamics space. Clicking on the tab we are getting a "Sign in to continue" dialog window, clicking on "Sign in" a browser window is opened that takes you to a blank site and then an error window appears in Teams "There is no logged in user", clicking on OK on the error dialog window we are then taken to the D365 area.

I would expect a Single-sign-on behavior here where clicking the tab shall not show any Sign in dialog windows. 

I',m member of the "System Administrators" group on the environment which is worth mentioning. 

Issue in pictures:

1) clicking the Tab


2) Clicking the "Sign on" button a blank browser window with window is opened and then the below error is presented


3) Clicking on OK in above takes you to the D365