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Can not delete a duplicate question I made in this forum!

Posted on by 33
How can it be possible that if I made a duplicate question in the forum, it is impossible to delete one of them?
Sometimes Microsoft amazes me!
Can anybody give me a solution for this?
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    Scott_iTalent Profile Picture
    Scott_iTalent Community Manager on at
    Can not delete a duplicate question I made in this forum!
    The Community Team can help you here!
    If you make a duplicate post in the forum, the best way to get it removed is to report the post using the Report feature in the Thread toolbar. Then the Community team can take care of removing that post for you.
    Thanks for contributing to the health and cleanliness of our community!

    Edit: following up, I believe I have found and merged the duplicate posts you were referring to. Let us know if you need additional help!

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