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How to use a PowerBI .Pbix for multiple customers?

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Posted on by 32
Hi all, 
I want to use a PowerBI dashboard I've designed for all my customers. Whats the best way to manage this? 
In short: 
I've created a PowerBI dasboard
Connected it to Business Central true the standard BC data connector
Based on the Job / Job Tasks / Planning Lines
Designed my dashboard
All good! 
Saved the .Pbix file
Now I want to use the .Pbix file for a different BC customer.
What is the best way to manage this? 
Hope you guys can help out! 
  • kenvdhorst Profile Picture
    kenvdhorst 32 on at
    How to use a PowerBI .Pbix for multiple customers?
    Hi Judy, 
    Thanks for the helpfull links. 
    I think I need te rephrase the question: 
    I no how to set up the dashboards in the different tenants. Actually I want to automate the proces. 
    So when I import the Pbix file, I want to automatically connect to the wright BC tenant AND refresh the data as well. 
    Hopefully I cleared up a few thins. :) 
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    Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    How to use a PowerBI .Pbix for multiple customers?
    To use a Power BI .pbix file for multiple customers, you can select "Get Data" and choose "Files" to upload the .pbix file. Once the report is open, you can modify the data source settings to connect to the data of the different Business Central customer.
    The reference Microsoft Documents:
    Best Regards,

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