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Items with Inventory still showing on MRP

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I am running MRP using the Planning Worksheet in Nav 2018.

Nav is suggesting placing Purchase Orders for Items that we already have in Inventory.

For example, if I have 20 units of SKU ABC on a Sales Order and 20 units of SKU ABC in Inventory I am still being told to place a Purchase Order for 20 units.

It appears this only happens when the Shipment Dates on my Sales Orders are in the past.

Is this normal Nav behaviour?

From a straight Supply / Demand perspective this logic doesn't make much sense to me since there would be enough Supply (Inventory) to satisfy the Demand (Quantity on Sales Order).

Is there any setting that I can change to prevent this from happening?

The concern here is that we will end up accidentally purchasing more units than we actually require.

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • drew777777 Profile Picture
    drew777777 138 on at
    RE: Items with Inventory still showing on MRP

    Thanks Tom. I now see what was happening. I had made a change in the back-end to automatically assign a Lot-for-Lot Reordering Policy to all new Items.

    In the past, we were manually changing the Reordering Policy to Lot-For-Lot. When the change was being done manually the Include Inventory flag would automatically get checked.

    Since I had made the change to automatically assign the Lot-for-Lot Reordering Policy we ended up with many Items with the Include Inventory flag unchecked.

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    TWBlaisdell Profile Picture
    TWBlaisdell on at
    RE: Items with Inventory still showing on MRP


    Thank you for posting. I'll start with the "low hanging fruit" here.  Make sure that Include Inventory is checked under the Lot for Lot Planning parameters on the Item Card or Stockkeeping Unit for the Location. Without the Boolean selected, the planning engine will not consider the existing stock.



  • drew777777 Profile Picture
    drew777777 138 on at
    RE: Items with Inventory still showing on MRP

    Hi Suresh,

    One of the Items that I'm looking at has a Lot-for-Lot Reordering Policy defined on the Item Card.

    20 units are in Inventory and 20 units are on a Sales Order.

    When I look at the Production Forecast for this Item I don't see a forecasted demand in the Matrix.

    Any idea why this Item may still be showing on MRP?

  • Suresh Kulla Profile Picture
    Suresh Kulla 43,636 on at
    RE: Items with Inventory still showing on MRP

    It depends on your item configuration and planning setup, please review the below blog

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