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RW_DatetoString function does not appear to be working

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Posted on by 9,140


After finding different blogs on displaying dates in any format, I have attempted to use the RW_DatetoString function in the RM Statement on Blank Paper report in Dynamics GP 2018 with no luck.

This is the calculation (The FUNCTION SCRIPT (  is there, my window doesn't open up big enough to show it).


And my result is literally mmddyyyy:


I have tried with the date fields RM Statement Header Temp - Date, RM Statement Transaction Temp - Document Date, RM Open File - Document Date.  All with the same result.

What am I doing wrong?



  • Heather Roggeveen Profile Picture
    Heather Roggeveen 9,140 on at
    RE: RW_DatetoString function does not appear to be working


    I tried your suggestion with the same result.  So I thought, maybe I will just try DDMMYYYY (i.e. use capitals) - turns out, the case matters and that has done what I needed it to do.

    Thanks for the suggestion - that, combined with a fresh head made me try something different!



  • Verified answer
    Almas Mahfooz Profile Picture
    Almas Mahfooz 10,956 UG Leader on at
    RE: RW_DatetoString function does not appear to be working

    Try  like        




    ddd                  = day of week as 3 letters

    dddd                = day of week in full

    N                      = day of year

    NN                    = day of year (padded)

    D                      = day of month

    DD                   = day of month (padded)

    M                     = month of year

    MM                   = month of year (padded)

    mmm                = month of year as 3 letters

    mmmm             = month of year in full

    YY                    = year of date (2 digits)

    YYYY               = year of date (4 digits)

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