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How can I reduce the ImportJobBase

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Hi All,

Anyone know what the ImportJobBase capacity should be as standard in D365?

I am having some capacity issues and i noted that ImportJobBase is running at about 900mb to 1 GB.

Is that normal or should I contact MS?

I ran all of the usual bulk deletion things but it made no difference to the DB size.



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    JasonTwi 195 on at
    RE: How can I reduce the ImportJobBase

    Thank you, that is fantastic information.

    I'll work through it now.



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    RE: How can I reduce the ImportJobBase


    ImportJobBase table holds the import records for the solutions that were installed in an environment.

    These logs identify which solutions were installed and when, what is their current progress and the unstructured data associated with each specific import (for internal purposes). It is important to maintain some of the data on this table for historical analysis, as it will be useful telemetry when troubleshooting solution import failures. Given this, it is generally a best practice to keep up to 2 months of import logs, in case any assistance is needed regarding solution import.

    Nevertheless, if you do wish to understand what data is currently being kept in this table for a specific environment, or even reduce its consumption, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below.

    How to retrieve the data

    The solution imports for a given environment have the logical name importjob, which is accessible in CRM as Import Job(s).

    The data is retrievable through Advanced Find and through Web API.

    Option 1 | Using Advanced Find:

    1. Access Advanced Find
    2. Select the entity Import Jobs and the saved view ImportJobs
    3. Select Results:


    Option 2 | Using Web API:

    Access the Web API endpoint for ImportJobs and edit the organization URL: https://[organizationurl]/api/data/v9.0/importjobs



    https://[organizationurl]/api/data/v9.0/importjobs?$filter=createdon ge 2020-09-25 and createdon le 2020-10-25

    How to reduce the consumption

    You can cleanup the data from this table by selecting the records in Advanced Find, which is recommended for small amounts of data, or by using a Bulk Deletion Job, for larger datasets.

    Option 1 | Using Advanced Find:

    Cleanup the data using Advanced Find, by selecting the rows you wish to delete and click “Delete”.



    Option 2 | Create a Bulk Deletion Job:

         ! Important

    When executing a bulk deletion job, please make sure that this operation is performed outside your business hours to avoid any potential performance impact in the environment whilst users are active.

    For larger datasets, you can also create a bulk deletion job, or even setup an automation to run a bulk deletion job so you can have the table cleaned up automatically. As mentioned previously, you should retain at least 2 months of solution import logs, so please keep this in consideration when designing the bulk deletion jobs.



    Following the successful deletion of the data, please allow 24h for the capacity report to be fully updated and return the new consumption of the ImportJobBase table.


    Venkatesh N

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