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OData API Web Service Availability?

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Using BC 365 SaaS v24.0 here. In a sandbox environment I have quite a few unbound OData API web service endpoints. Some of these will be used for inserting new records, due to some complexity making the configuration package option ungainly. These all were developed well over 2 years ago and have tested out fine over that time.
The primary challenge I am running into is when batching my records through these API requests I sporadically run into operation timeout errors. Sometimes I can test out creating a couple hundred records, hitting their supplementary tables, and all goes through fine. Other times after hitting maybe a dozen records the operation timeouts creep in. Based on analyzing things with Fiddler I can see it's a server side error. It's not like my client has lost network connectivity or anything. The Microsoft side has timed out processing the call and passing back a response. And I know it's probably not an API call limit being hit, since I am staggering API calls to maybe one request a second.
Is this quirk due to these calls hitting a sandbox environment? I know that specs are higher quality when it comes to a production environment and all. Where this will cause problems is our go-live implementation was meant to involve first porting in all data into our sandbox environment, then taking all those recordsets, bundling them into configuration packages, and then applying them to our production environment. 
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    OData API Web Service Availability?
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    OData API Web Service Availability?
    Thanks for the response. I did read these over awhile back, and I don't believe any of them apply. My API requests are at a rate of 1 call/second. And the sandbox envrionment allows 5 calls/second and production allows 10 calls/second. The operation timeouts are typically returned after about 100 seconds, while the listed threshold is 8 minutes. Each API call is hitting identical endpoints with similar data payloads. So when certain records timeout it's not like something huge is being thrown at the server...
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    OData API Web Service Availability?
    I would review the operational limits and see if perhaps you reached any - Operation Limits in Dynamics 365 Business Central - Business Central | Microsoft Learn

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