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Script Error - Product Form

Posted on by 22

Hello Community,

I'm encountering a persistent script error whenever I open the product form in Dynamics Sales, and I need help identifying the root cause. Here are the details of the situation:

  1. Our product forms are set to read-only, and no fields are editable.
  2. We've cleared all buttons on the command bar using the RibbonWorkbench solution (rewrite).

Despite these configurations, the script error continues to occur.

Any Ideas on how to solve this?

  • Verified answer
    Script Error - Product Form
    Hi Aya,
    First check in debugger (F12) if possible to load webresource file to find which field is null
    If its required place on form and update. Identify what is actually process.
  • Verified answer
    Vinit_Bhagat Profile Picture
    Vinit_Bhagat 120 on at
    Script Error - Product Form
    Hi Aya,
    By looking at the error, it seems that Microsoft's OOB web resource throwing an error. disable the function in the form and try again.
  • Aya Attari Profile Picture
    Aya Attari 22 on at
    Script Error - Product Form
    find the errors below
  • Script Error - Product Form
    Dear Aya,
    Please send error description to understand better.
  • Aya Attari Profile Picture
    Aya Attari 22 on at
    Script Error - Product Form
    I have not added any scripts to the product form.
  • Dengliang Li Profile Picture
    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Script Error - Product Form
    Have you added any custom scripts to this product form, such as the onload event for the form, the onchange event for the columns, and the events for the editable subgrid?
    Could you provide enough error details for the script?
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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