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Table that houses Health Plans

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Posted on by 110

Hello, We have the Healthcare accelerator installed, but we don't see an easily identifiable health plan table.   We see Care Plans, but it has a N:1 to people/contacts.

I would think a health plan table would be a N:N to Care Plans?  But we can't find one.

So a patient would have a 1:N to Care Plans and a care plan would be a N:1 to Health Plan(Not found).  So it would appear that the accelerator is missing a Health Plan table?


  • RE: Table that houses Health Plans

    Hi Bill,

    In the current version of the accelerator data model, we do not implement any of the financial aspects of FHIR. This module includes Coverage which is the equivalent of the insurance that a patient has. If it is available in future releases we will update it.

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    Bill Hanna 110 on at
    RE: Table that houses Health Plans

    Thank you for your response, but we were looking at it from the Patient perspective.  We have a patient record and we want to track the insurances they have.

  • RE: Table that houses Health Plans

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for reaching Industry accelerators Team.

    We received a below update from PM team:

    The HL7 FHIR specification doesn’t have a concept of Health Plans.You can change the meaning of Health Plan based on if you are talking about a provider or payer. If you are talking about a provider, you would want to use Care Plan and extend as needed. If you are talking about providers, you would want to use coverage and extend as needed. If the partner wants to extend the data model, they can do so as they see fit. 

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