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Event form VS Marketing form for registration

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Hi community

We are organising Webinars on a regular basis and to promote them, we usually create landing pages with a registration form. As a global organisation, offices around the world are supposed to organised their webinar themselves.

In this context, we are creating templates for them to achieve their goals in few clicks, all this in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

The idea here is to have a Marketing Landing page template and a registration Marekting form template in D365fM.

The steps would be:

  1. Creation of the Webinar reg form based on the template
  2. Creation of the Marketing page based on the template and selection of the previously creted form to fill the placeholder
  3. Publication of the landing page

That's it. easy and perfect in a global organisation.


We are facing few chalenges / problems:

  1. Most of the time, there are at least two dates / times for each webinar. Our issue here is to include in the registration form a dropdown list / radio buttons for the user to select the best date. But using a Marketing form, we cannot do this as it needs to be a field existing in the Contact / Lead entities.
  2. When someone registers to a webinar using a Marketing form, it's not considered as an Event. In the contact / lead insight, it's important to see that this person has attended to this or these webinars. There is no option to say: This Marketing form is a Event registration form.
  3. There is a real issue regarding the size limitation of the landing pages. The 65k character is a non sense and needs to be adjusted.


One option should be to use the Events application but:

  1. There is no (simple) option to embed a registration form somewhere (be a Marketing page or in another CMS)
  2. If we use the portal, it's very difficult / complex to change the layout and there is no option of templates for the landing pages. It means that there is only one template for the event portal where as we need several. It's not flexible as Marketing pages can be.
  3. There is no option of landing page if we set the event as an online event
  4. It's a bit complex to use the event application for a simple webinar

What are the solutions?

  • Jasmin H Profile Picture
    Jasmin H 25 on at
    RE: Event form VS Marketing form for registration

    Hi Catalina, just wondering if you can share the solution you came to here. This is pretty much identical to my scenario.

  • truc binh Profile Picture
    truc binh on at
    RE: Event form VS Marketing form for registration

    Hi Pascal,

    Do you have solution for this? I have the same problem.


  • Inksrm Profile Picture
    Inksrm 713 on at
    RE: Event form VS Marketing form for registration

    Hi Pascal,

    Were you able to get any help or solutions for this? I'd be interested to hear what you did to get around this. As both yourself and Richard mentioned, the event portal is way too complex for simple webinars!



  • Suggested answer
    Katalina N. Profile Picture
    Katalina N. 4,875 on at
    RE: Event form VS Marketing form for registration

    Hi Pascal

    Can you contact me at so that we discuss abot this in detail?


  • Richard@BarheadAU Profile Picture
    Richard@BarheadAU 160 on at
    RE: Event form VS Marketing form for registration

    Hey Pascal T - not a complete answer, but a couple of things we've tried to get round the OOTB event portal which as you say, is complex for simple webinars/events

    * You can use a workflow to create an event registration (e.g. on submission of form, click of link, etc.).  The additional complexity here is that the OOTB workflows do not support checking for duplicate registrations - so if a form is submitted twice, the registration is made twice.  We've used this to enable RSVP/one-click accepts to events via a button on an email and also on submission of a form.

    * Personalised landing pages can present different versions of the page based on some criteria (e.g. contact location).  This won't allow invitees to choese their session from a drop-down - but might help if the choice is location/time-zone based

    Hope that's some help

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