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AP Purchaseorder Prepayment

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in AX2012R2 you may post / add a prepayment to a puchaseorder. Once you post the final invoice for the purchaseorder, you may settle the invoice whit the prepayment. Works fine ;) .. but if you forget to settle (select "apply prepayment"), you post the invoice.. and after posting you get a warning / message "hurray hurray, you did not apply the prepayment, you may now apply it to another invoice". Is there a way to make i possible to have an info about an open / unsettled prepayment on a puchaseoderinvoice before (!) posting the invoice?




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    CU14050944-0 2,721 on at
    RE: AP Purchaseorder Prepayment


    one more missing function ;)  some space for improvement from Microsoft

    thx !


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    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: AP Purchaseorder Prepayment

    Hi Pirmin,

    Triggering the info earlier would require a customization. Yet, if you missed it applying the prepayment you can still 'fix' this issue by applying it subsequently from the vendor master. In the invoice tab you can identify a button 'apply prepayment' which will help you applying the prepayment subsequently.

    Best regards,


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