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missing prvRead privilege

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We are getting this error every time we create a new target table in DV, everything seems fine until we run it and we get this.
Reason: Bad Request, Header x-ms-client-request-id f10b811b-656c-45cd-91fb-a5d4e892e2b7, Principal team (Id=801cdf69-4c78-ed11-81ac-0022481b59d5, type=9, teamType=0, privilegeCount=0, MetadataCachePrivilegesCount=10058, businessUnitId=7b1cdf69-4c78-ed11-81ac-0022481b59d5), is missing prvReadcr111_ProductV2 privilege (Id=27467f93-c65d-495b-9d51-702ddc60a98f) on OTC=11418 for entity 'cr111_productv2' (LocalizedName='ProductV2') in Business Unit: operations-ue-uat-wms (Id=7b1cdf69-4c78-ed11-81ac-0022481b59d5). context.Caller=baca08dd-fc4b-ee11-be6f-002248c8e546. Consider adding missed privilege to one of the principal (user/team) roles.
We've checked the privs on the table, but this has made no difference... there really are very poor instructions around this so I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on why it's failing to synch in Dual Write
Thanks in advance
  • missing prvRead privilege
    Any solution for above problem ? 
    I am encountering the same issue while synching All Products.
    Rahul Singh

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