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Change of Class ID

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I changed Class Asset ID for some assets from Server class to PC Class.  when I tried to post in the GL, nothing showed up. I tried to change the dates to capture any pending transaction in the GL screen, yet nothing showed up on the GL screen and no batch was generated.

Any suggestions will help.

Thank you,

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    WSimango 15 on at
    RE: Change of Class ID

    A number of conditions need to have been for the GL Posting to populate transactions to update the GL. Some of them you need to check in your circumstance may include the following.

    1. Assuming costs were already generated at GL posting before your change, The GL Posting process is not going to generate an posting journal for them
    2. If depreciation was run and posted for the assets, and your change did not affect a depreciation sensitive field ,,, then the GL Posting window will also not generate any GL batch for posting.
    3. if depreciation is not yet run, once again no GL posting batch will be created.

    Are you therefore able to establish if the 2 Classes in Question have the same parameters on Book Class record, because if they are the same nothing will be generated as no depreciation sensitive field will be affected. However the effect of the change you made when you changed the classes will be on the Account Group as your assets will only adopt and only use the new GL accounts on the next transaction you perform on your asset.

    Hope this helps!!!!!

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    RE: Change of Class ID

    Hi Rula,

    You can check Inquiry | Fixed Assets | batches to see what batches were last interfaced to GL.

    If you add a new asset or depreciate, do these new records show up to be interfaced to GL?  If there are any missing that you are not showing up and you think should be interfaced to GL, you can check the FA00902 activity table for the corporate bookto make sure they have not alrecy been intercaced. But if so, they should have been seen in the Batch inquiry above.   But if they are in the corporate book and not have the fields marked off that they were interfaced, they should pull again in the FA to GL posting window.

    I hope this helps.


    Cheryl W.

    Microosft Support

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    Rula 10 on at
    RE: Change of Class ID

    i was using GP.

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    MATTGUO 22,288 on at
    RE: Change of Class ID

    Hi Rula,

    Are you using GP?

    Moved to GP forum:

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