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Extending DataBase Log

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I have 3 requirements
1. Database log by default cleaned up for every 30 days. Can I retain or extend it??
2. Need to retain the last latest record for each table in Database log and prevent from automatic clean up after 30 days.
Suppose 30 changes are made to Method of payment table , which creates 30 records in database log . As per default 30 records are been deleted when automatic database log clean up is done, but I need to keep latest record in table instead of deleting all records. How can I achieve this?
3. Can we maintain of copy of Database log in to other table?? 
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    Extending DataBase Log
    Which version of AX are you using? Are you saying that the number of days is hard-coded somewhere and you can't change the range value? Anyway, if it can't be set up, you can always change code of the class
    Writing code that'll keep a record for each table ID surely is possible (but it'll be much less efficient).
    Developing a solution for copying some data to your table is possible too. You can also export the data outside F&O (e.g. to a data warehouse), but note that interpreting DB log data is tricky.

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