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Created product and product bundles, but cannot select individual product

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Hello all,

So we have powerapp that calls from the CRM for sales. We had a new product we wanted to add to our product list as well as replace an old product in existing bundles with the new one. So what I did was create the new product in the CRM, set the price and so on. Then because Microsoft won't let you simply edit exisitng bundled products, I had to clone all the old product bundles one by one, and remove the old item and add the new one in its place. When this was all done, I published them. 

But the problem is that while they show up in the powerapp as product bundles just like the old ones, when a user selects a bundle, they can't delete items within the bundle without the whole thing being removed. Say a bundle has 5 items in it, if someone just wants the new item I added, it'll instead add everything within that bundle and include the bundle name for some reason as the first item. Then when you begin to delete the other items, you can delete everything but the bundle name, or else it will delete everything. You can add all the items one by one in the bundle from the top down and they'll populate fine, but if you select the last item(The one that I added) it adds*everything*. I've provided some screenshots of what I mean:

Old one, how it should work:
New one, how it's working:

Did I set up something wrong?