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Data entity refresh takes too long

Posted on by 6,332


I have developed one data entity and have done build / synch. 

When I try to refresh data entities it takes too long. Already more than 1.5 hour.

Is it normal?

It happening on the latest release.

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    PilgrimCZ Profile Picture
    PilgrimCZ 572 on at
    RE: Data entity refresh takes too long

    We are also facing long time run on data entries refresh sometimes. Mainly on cloud-hosted environments. What usually helped us was restarting whole environment from LCS.

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    nmaenpaa Profile Picture
    nmaenpaa 101,148 on at
    RE: Data entity refresh takes too long

    It shouldn't take that long. I have faced the same error after upgrading from 7.3/PU12 to 8.0/PU15.

    One reason can be obsolete data entities on the list.

    Please run this query in the SQL server to find all obsolete entities on your entity list:

    select * from dmfentity where entityconfigkeyname = '' and entityisenabled = 0

    Then remove those entities from the Data entities list and try to refresh again. I simply removed all data projects and data entities.

    For me this didn't help, but after installing the latest platform binary updates the refresh succeeded. I think there's still something strange in the (local) development environment - I had to restart IIS a couple of times and start the refresh again. But eventually the entity list got refreshed. In our Sandbox tier 2 environment the refreshed works perfectly after the platform binary updates.

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