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Management Reporter problems

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Hi team,

     Recently we'are having some problems with MR, is very very slow, some times when the report is generated the report is not showed in screen and can not export, we need to regenerate the report again, other times when exporting the report, MR is bolcked or takes a lot time to export the report.

MR version 2.12.15000.56 Spanish


Julia Gallegos

  • Greg Byer Profile Picture
    Greg Byer 2,586 on at
    RE: Management Reporter problems

    Hi Julia,

    You'll want to check the report versions, like was mentioned.  That can cause problems with MR over time.

    Are you using the Legacy or Data Mart provider?  The Legacy provider can be slow to generate reports.  The more complex a report, the slower it can be.  There isn't much that can be done to make Legacy faster.

    If you are using Data Mart, make sure you meet the requirements for memory.  Data Mart require a good amount of memory.  The chart below shows the requirements, based on how many GL transaction records you have in GP.  


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    RJarrell 275 on at
    RE: Management Reporter problems


    Have you ever cleaned up historical reports in your system? A lot of clients run reports and just let them accumulate. You can use the report viewer to right click on a report and click Show Versions. I would recommend seeing how far back some of your reports go and potentially deleting some. I would also look into how much server space you have. If you didn't want to clean up reports but are running low on space, you could always look into adding some hard drive space to your server.

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