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Views - grouping by computing columns

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It seems that it is not possible to add computed columns to the /Group By/ list of fields in a view. They are not available to be selected from the dropdown list. To work around that I created a view (let's call it DetailView) with the required computed columns, then I created SummaryView with DetailView as the data source. The computed columns in DetailView were then accessible so I could do the required summation and grouping. So I laboriously created 2 views. Maybe drag-and-drop from the AOT would have helped. I didn't think of it at the time.
Did I miss something? Surely this is not the way to accomplish this task?
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    Views - grouping by computing columns
    I have accepted Layan's answer. I just needed confirmation.
    Can anyone say why Microsoft thinks that this endless pointing and clicking is better than writing SQL?
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    Views - grouping by computing columns
    Hi Community member,
    In order to use the computed column in ranges or group by, then yes you need to create another view in order to access the field. So what you did is correct.
    Layan Jweihan 
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