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How do I set up the education accelerator portal?

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I would like to test out the education accelerator portal. How do I go about installing the that? I see the package deployer. Do I just import that in as a solution?


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    RE: How do I set up the education accelerator portal?

    I tried to email you but my message bounced back. I imported the education portal as a solution and I see it in my solutions. I am not really sure how I start using it. I can get into power pages, but is it a template? Maybe we could have a short teams meeting so you can help me with this? I am available today until 2 central time.


    Thank you


  • RE: How do I set up the education accelerator portal?

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    You can import the solutions through package deployer/Manually.

    GitHub : Release Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator v5.0.3.1 · microsoft/Industry-Accelerator-Education · GitHub

    Please download the "Source Code" from( the above link), in that folders are there (Documentation, Package deployer and Solutions). If you need sample data also import the solutions through package deployer.

    In the documentation folder installation guide is available,please refer that and import the solutions.

    If you are facing any issue, please send an email to this email address: Dynamics 365 Industry Accelerators Support <> so, that will schedule a call and will check further on this.

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