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Can't login to download Dynamics GP 2018

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I'm super frustrated right now.  I needed to download Dynamics GP 2018 to upgrade from 2016 which is eol.  Now, I notice that the customer source site is retired as well and everything is pointing to  Okay, go to that site.  No mention of Dynamics GP in the product catalog, only dynamics gp 365,  From another site, I find a link that points to that has the downloads for 2018.  Click on the download link and I get asked to log in again.  okay, log in again and get this error.

Access Denied

AADSTS650051: Using application 'Microsoft Business Solutions' is currently not supported for your organization because it is in an unmanaged state. An administrator needs to claim ownership of the company by DNS validation of before the application Microsoft Business Solutions can be provisioned. Trace ID: b62bfeb5-e1ea-4074-bed5-7804bb3a8b00 Correlation ID: 71049ec1-2a1e-48cb-aa3c-07b245d18fe4 Timestamp: 2021-07-14 18:28:52Z

Why would I need to have our email domain tied to my microsoft account to download what we've already purchased? Why does microsoft make things so difficult to find?  Also, I no longer see any way on to see our license info.  the docs site suggests the registration keys will show up in customersource? But that's been retired?

When the accounts from customer source got moved to docs, did the account info not get transferred over?

I don't see any link to open a ticket up with microsoft to fix this.  Should I submit a request thru our partner to get access to the download?  No support link on the doc site other than this forum. 

If anyone has any pointers for suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.

Just frustrated and needed to vent a little
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

best regards,



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