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Free Text Invoice Template not working

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Posted on by 2
I have created a free text invoice template will all the required data in it but when i am creating a new free text invoice with the template it is not pooping any data on the invoice from the template.
Any suggestions what could be wrong or am i missing something?
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    Alireza Eshaghzadeh Profile Picture
    Alireza Eshaghzadeh 10,767 Super User on at
    Free Text Invoice Template not working
    Hi Syed,
    Please provide more info with some screenshots about which template do you use and which fields you add value to create a new free text invoice.
    Do you use the standard template like Andre is mentioned?
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    saurabh bharti Profile Picture
    saurabh bharti 14,883 Super User on at
    Free Text Invoice Template not working
    Are you saying that excel addin template not working? If yes then can you go to Common module > Office integration > Document template and check if that template is correctly setup 
  • Navneeth Nagrajan Profile Picture
    Navneeth Nagrajan 1,184 on at
    Free Text Invoice Template not working

    Do you have any custom fields in the Free Text Invoice template or are they standard fields? If there are custom fields then there are known issues in the system since version 10.0.27. If you are on a higher version like 10.0.38 there is a fix available for Free Text Invoice templates. Check out Issue search. There are 2 KB articles in there that should address this question. 
    The other suggestion is to republish/refresh the Free Text Invoices template in D365 FO. This should pick up the expected fields in the template. 
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    Giorgio_Bonacorsi Profile Picture
    Giorgio_Bonacorsi 229 on at
    Free Text Invoice Template not working
    The template that I have is different from yours.
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    andreasraithel Profile Picture
    andreasraithel 4,382 on at
    Free Text Invoice Template not working
    Hy Syed,
    did you try the out of the box free text template? You can find at organisation administration/setup/office integration/document templaes, and then search for free text invoice.
    This works oob.
    If yes you can modify this as needed.
    Hope this helps.
    Herzliche Grüße / kind regards,
    Andreas Raithel
    D365FO Solution Architect
  • Syed Osama Profile Picture
    Syed Osama 2 on at
    Free Text Invoice Template not working
    No errors..
    Just nothing pops up in the free text invoice when select the pre defined Invoice template.
  • BillurSamdancioglu Profile Picture
    BillurSamdancioglu 13,156 Super User on at
    Free Text Invoice Template not working
    Do you see any error messages that you can share?

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