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D365 F&O Test Automation

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Hi all, My company wants me to automate testing for F&O and i am a selenium pro but don't see many posts on companies/QA Automation have really implemnted full test framework based on selenium hence i decided that i should enhance my research towards AI powered tool like TOSCA,KATALON,LEAPWORK. Can i get advise on which tool should i suggest my company to buy it for QA team which will not only automate F&O but also support API, Mobile, Performance, others. Thanks
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    Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    D365 F&O Test Automation
    Please refer to the below link regarding Katalon/TOSCA, it is recommended that you can consult with the third-party for additional support:
  • D365 F&O Test Automation
    Thank you all for the responses. I am already using RSAT but it offers very limited use. Biggest and most tedious thing is every version upgrade to F&O will break the test cases and also very limited automation coverage. Hence, i am not thinking of any other microsoft built up framework like power automate, RPA, as they aren't meant for test automation. Leapwork sales rep constantly trying to sell the product but i dont see many big enterprises opting out for it, in my research, Katalon seems to be the market leader or triscentis TOSCA the second most preferred but again i don't find many legit reviews or forum of the companies using the Katalon/TOSCA for D365 Test automation, if anyone can share some insights in the direction i am thinking, that would help a lot. Katalon/TOSCA both are very versatile not only can automate D365 but also offer api, mobile, any web based app, Azure devops integration and performance testing too.
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    Nisha Soni Profile Picture
    Nisha Soni 20 on at
    D365 F&O Test Automation
    you can try RPA for testing automation. 
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    MuthukumaranAX Profile Picture
    MuthukumaranAX 2,893 on at
    D365 F&O Test Automation
    we have used Leapwork and RSAT tool for automation testing. Remember Leapwork is licensed product.
  • Anthony Blake Profile Picture
    Anthony Blake 756 on at
    D365 F&O Test Automation
    Really interesting, I would start off by investigating RSAT, but its D365 front end business process specific and isn't going to help you with API, Mobile, etc etc.
  • Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    D365 F&O Test Automation
    Hi, did you consider the Azure DevOps which is a comprehensive set of tools for software development and testing. It includes services such as Azure Boards for work tracking, Azure Pipelines for continuous integration and delivery, and Azure Repos for hosting Git repositories. Additionally, Azure DevOps Services offers Azure Test Plans for all-in-one planned and exploratory testing. It also supports Mobile testing:
    Best Regards,
  • Andre Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    Andre Arnaud de Cal... 283,126 Super User on at
    D365 F&O Test Automation
    Hi Community member,
    Out of the tools you mentioned, I only know Leapwork. Recently, I came across TheTestMart which also has a very neat testing tool with predefined test cases that can be adjusted without recreating them. You can also check out Executive Automats. 
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    Magno Pereira Profile Picture
    Magno Pereira 2,382 Super User on at
    D365 F&O Test Automation
    I recommend exploring the Regression suite automation tool (RSAT) documentation and watching the Automated Regression Testing with Leapwork TechTalk.
    Leapwork seems to be the most relevant tool for your needs (FO, Performance, API, Mobile), but I don't have any thoughts on the other two tools you shared.

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