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Journal Entry and Approval Portal

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Posted on by UG Leader

We have GP 2016 installed and want to streamline the process of loading and approving journal entries.  We have 12 companies setup at this time and this is likely to double.  In order to load and approve entries we either copy and paste them or use integration manager.  However, this requires us to navigate to each and every company.  Is there some front end tool that we can load all our journal entries and approve them for all companies?

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    RE: Journal Entry and Approval Portal


    We have received a similar request from our client, going with a custom front end tool to address this . If you are interested in learning our custom solution , please drop an email to discuss.


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    RE: Journal Entry and Approval Portal

    Hi Nikolaos, 

    To build on what Ven noted, you can use eConnect (which SmartConnect builds on) to pull the transactions in. Your issue is going to be with Workflow, which will need to be submitted within GP if that is what you mean by approval. You can use a post proc in eConnect to set the Workflow to approved, but this would require some basic SQL Scripting. The same should be available in SmartConnect. 

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    RE: Journal Entry and Approval Portal

    Hey Nikolaos:

    Integration Manager takes your source and imports them into the GP company you are signed onto. With 12 companies, you are looking at 12 iterations of the same.

    There is an ISV solution called smartconnect that you can use to load entries from various sources into companies without having to be signed onto GP. They use what is called maps. You could add subsequent imports to run one after the other. Also the import can be scheduled.

    As far as approvals are concerned, I need further information, are you looking to approve a batch of entries in a given company? If yes, you could keep it simple by completing a password required prior to posting at a batch level found in the Posting setup. 

    You may want to contact Binary Stream another ISV vendor - They may have consolidated approvals and do multi-entity management. 

    Best of luck

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