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Batch Will Not Post - Already Checked the "Usual Suspects"

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Posted on by UG Leader


A General Ledger batch originated from running Rollup and Revalue of Standard Cost in GP Manufacturing.

This batch will not post.  Upon trying, you have to go into Batch Recovery and free it up.  Batch Recovery says "Transaction Error...Edit Required".

But, upon reviewing the G/L Edit List, there are no errors.

Also, we have reviewed batch stuck in posting procedures to no effect.

Multicurrency is not involved.

I tried moving the one journal entry in this batch to another Batch ID, in case the original Batch ID was corrupt.  The batch still would not post.

In addition, we ran Financial Reconcile on "Batches" and Check Links on "Financial Transactions".  Still, this batch will not post.

We are not having such issues on any other G/L batches.

This is truly befuddling.

What needs to be done to get this batch to post?



  • RE: Batch Will Not Post - Already Checked the "Usual Suspects"

    Thanks for letting us know - have a great day!

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    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: Batch Will Not Post - Already Checked the "Usual Suspects"

    Disregard....I figured it out.  I apologize, for the bother.

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