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Transactions on AP HATB not showing

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User printed an AP HATB Detail in March of 2020 for 12/31/2019. User ran the same report in January of 2021 and the report is missing transactions. Running the report for 12/31/2020 has the same type of missing transactions. Totals are also missing in the Summary report. If I run the AP HATB sql scripts from the GP community (Cowmaster), I get transactions in the results. If I change the dates, the results change with it.  Possible reasons why it would not show on the HATB.

I have run check links on  Transaction History and Open. I have run reconcile on all vendors, a single vendor etc. Currently running file maintenance on all Purchasing.

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    RE: Transactions on AP HATB not showing

    Resolved. Thanks!. Saw the title and dismissed due to MC. Lesson learned.

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    RE: Transactions on AP HATB not showing

    If you are on the October update, GP 18.3.1173, there is a known issue with the HATB report not pulling data correctly, and you can run download the stored proc linked at the top of this blog below to fix it.   It is an 'alter' script.   This has been fixed in the year-end update 18.3.1200.

    Hope that resolves it for you if you are on that version. 

    Cheryl Waswick

    Microsoft support

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