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email password change

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Posted on by 22,645

Our client has just updated their 'computer login' password - has been doing so for the past 10 years every 90 days.  The user is also needing to email payments receipts from Purchasing - EFT confirmations and other related attachments - again has been doing this for the past 10 years without any issue.

Today, after changing her login password she attempts to enter a new email address for a vendor, in preparation for sending out EFT notices of the payments on account and she gets the Exchange Log On screen. Displays her email address (correctly) and when she enters her password (just updated) the system pauses - Exchange Log On screen pops off - pause for about 15 seconds and then it pops back saying that the login failed.

Clicking on Advance we enter the user login name - domain\UserName - and new password -> same results

We tried with just UserName and new password - still fails

We tried with just UserName and OLD password - still fails

I then logged on as SA, entered my email address, user name and password (which has not been updated - ever) and it fails.

I looked at Administration >> System Preferences - and ensured that the email engine was / is still set to EXCHANGE.  Even tried to move it off to MAPI and that made no difference.

What am I missing?

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    RE: email password change

    My thinking is that if all email accounts are on the same Exchange Online tenant, then it should be a all-or-nothing type thing, where basic auth would be disabled for all or none. That being said, connecting with the Exchange Online support would be able to verify that for sure.

    We've also seen a case or so, where the customer found out that basic auth was just disabled on their AutoDiscover server and that was causing the authentication errors to occur.

  • Bill Campbell Profile Picture
    Bill Campbell 22,645 on at
    RE: email password change

    So just to be clear - you are saying that the Basic could be set differently for each email address and that is why mine works and the other user does not?

    Being cautious as the IT team is a bit touchy as they have been burned on a couple of other matters.

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    RE: email password change

    Yeah, failing the authentication via the Exchange Log On window in Dynamics GP doesn't mean that the account is bad, just that basic authentication is not enabled on that email account/tenant because Exchange Online/O365 disabled it.

    Dynamics GP cannot authenticate without basic auth being enabled, unless you're using the new modern auth I mentioned, only available in 18.3 and 18.4 GP.

  • Bill Campbell Profile Picture
    Bill Campbell 22,645 on at
    RE: email password change

    Derek, thanks for the detailed explanation of this matter.  I will be working with the IT team at this client to work out the exact details.

    Question I have for you might require some background for us to answer, but when I use what the IT team created for me - as the Dynamics Admin about 10 years ago for login purpose, no email, nothing else, but to log onto computers and test.  This user id and password still works when entered into the users machine that failed her login details.

    Could that be that my user ID is only on the local AD and not on the new O365 AD in Azure?   Or have I missed the boat altogether on this.

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    RE: email password change

    If you’re currently seeing users get the ‘Login Failed’ message when prompted with the Exchange Log On window when emailing in Dynamics GP, the issue is most likely related to Exchange Online disabling basic authentication on tenants, which started approximately mid-February 2022, in preparation for permanently disabling it on all tenants come October 2022.

    Also, Exchange Online is making these changes not on the policy level but behind the scenes, this is why it is possible to run a diagnostic against your Exchange Online and have it show basic authentication is still enabled, when it actually is not behind the scenes. This makes troubleshooting basic authentication near impossible for us right now.

    Because Exchange email requires basic authentication to be enabled on your Exchange Online/O365 tenant to function, this is what causes the ‘Login Failed’ messages.

    When this issue is seen, the only options the customer would have are the following:

    1. Until they’re able to upgrade to Dynamics GP 18.4 and use the modern authentication functionality, they can request the basic authentication protocol re-enabled on the Exchange Online accounts via the blog mentioned:

                   Basic Authentication and Exchange Online – June 2021 Update - Microsoft Tech Community


    Then, in this blog, there are steps you can use to modify the Dynamics.exe.config file for Microsoft Dynamics GP, to allow it to use TLS 1.2 instead of earlier versions of the TLS protocol:

                 Emails intermittent failing when sending out of Dynamics GP (Not workflow emails) - Microsoft Dynamics GP Community


    2. Upgrade to Dynamics GP 18.4 and use the modern authentication functionality that we put in the newer versions so that Exchange emailing uses modern authentication and not basic authentication, thus it’ll work without either of the work-arounds mentioned above, and will continue to work after October 2022, when basic authentication is permanently disabled on Exchange Online/O365.



    By Oct 2022, you must be on GP 18.3 or later, using Azure AD modern authentication, in order to email per Exchange, otherwise MAPI would be the only other option for emailing in Dynamics GP, which requires a 32-bit email application.

    When basic authentication is disabled on a tenant, it can be anywhere from 24-48 hours before it is enabled again, if at all.

    The disabling is supposed to be on the tenants that don't appear to be using it, but based on case volume we've seen, it suggests that isn't always the case.

    Let me know if you have any questions on anything mentioned here.


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    Lisa at Profile Picture
    Lisa at 2,965 on at
    RE: email password change

    Since changing the password, has the user completely exited GP and logged out of their network?  I've seen it where users have the same network and GP password policy so if they need to change one, the other may be requiring a change too ... Or they changed their network password and need a clean session to get the logged in password and the current network password to be the same.  I'm sure there is a network person out there who can better explain what is out of sync.  My plan, though, is exit/sign-off everything after a password change and then start over ... 

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