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URL Rewrite Module Selection as part of NAV 2016 CU 67 Setup

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Posted on by 3,957

Hi All,

I'm installing NAV 2016 CU67.
While installing the Web Server Components, I'm getting a pop-up to select URL Rewrite Module for IIS.

I tried the following
1. Providing the .exe file from the DVD > Prerequisite Component > IIS URL Rewrite
2. Skipping the pre-requisite check in the installation process but again getting the same issue

I have referred and tried the following-

Kindly advise!

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    Tech-Lucky 794 on at
    RE: URL Rewrite Module Selection as part of NAV 2016 CU 67 Setup


    I have faced the same issue and didn't find any solutions yet it might be a Bug of that CU I am not sure but yes I was able to install the Navision successfully you can try it as well do not choose the custom option while installing Navision use the first Option as Install Demo I know it will create the instance on default ports but once it is installed you can remove the existing Instance and create a new one if you need to have different Ports and Database to be configured.

    please verify my Answer if this helps you.

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    Marco Mels on at
    RE: URL Rewrite Module Selection as part of NAV 2016 CU 67 Setup


    I have not seen this issue myself before, but it could be that you are running an newer OS with IIS 10 and you are installing an older component:

    Note that Dynamics NAV 2016 is no longer supported so it may be difficult to reach out to Microsoft support.

    Thank you.

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