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Expense Report Delegates

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Hi DAXperts,

In Dynamics 365, there is a menu for Expense Delegates. However I did not see how to use this functionality when using Expenses or Expense Reports. Objective is to delegate someone to submit Expense reports on my behalf. How can this be acheived? Only workflow?



  • El x Profile Picture
    El x 11 on at
    Expense Report Delegates
    Can anyone please show where is a  Open other's expense reports  button located? I set up Delegates for 2 workers from the same company but nothing changed at the EP. Second question is it possible to assign delegated from a different companies (Ax does not control if the delegate name is from current company. It's only controls that the employee is from a current company)? MS learn said it's possible to approve Exp Report for someone from a different company but I found nothing if it possible to submit for someone from a different company. Thanks
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    KCK 55 on at
    RE: Expense Report Delegates

    What about a delegate recalling an expense report?  Is that an option for a delegate?

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    Eugen Glasow Profile Picture
    Eugen Glasow 6,345 on at
    RE: Expense Report Delegates

    Hi, this is very straightforward:

    1) You must be employed in the same company...

    2) ... and be entered as a delegate; set the expiry date to far future.

    3) Open My expense reports...

    4) ...then click the Open other's expense reports and select the other guy. There is a button on top for this.

    5) Create a new expense report. It is now created on behalf of that other employee.

  • Zeeshan_Consultant Profile Picture
    Zeeshan_Consultant 122 on at
    RE: Expense Report Delegates

    Hi Sree,

    I have done the delegate setup but it doesn't allow me to create an expense report on behalf of another employee. Would you mind if you share the setup?



  • Sreekanthxlnc Profile Picture
    Sreekanthxlnc 120 on at
    RE: Expense Report Delegates

    Hey, I found the option. Unlike timesheets, only if I am acting as a delegate for others, only then the option is visible.



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