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Default Values in New Address on a Customer

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Wondering if anyone could advise on how to do the following and if it is possible in D365 Finance and Operations.  We would like specified values from the customer master to show as defaults on the New Address form for ship-to (Purpose:  Delivery) addresses.  Navigate to:  All Customers > select a customer that we ship to. This is the customer master.  We would like certain values from the Customer Master Invoice and Delivery fast tab to populate on New Delivery addresses by default.  
Here are some screen shots for reference:   
This is a customer we have delivery addresses on.  I have opened it to the Invoice and delivery fast tab so you can see one field we want to default onto New Delivery addresses.

As one example:  Whatever is in the Mode of delivery field on the customer master, we would like to populate on a New delivery address in the Mode of delivery field- see screenshot.  There are other values we would like to pull into the New Address form from Customer master (these will be defined by the business later).  Is it possible to do this so that these values default and do not have to be entered each time a new delivery address is added? 
Thank you,
Erin Barnhill