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How to create multiple customer address records with same address and different purpose by importing in DIXF

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We need to import customer addresses to D365 F&O, but we finded there have different behaviors between importing in DIXF and user infterface.

Users may create multiple customer address records, these address records have same address and different purpose, i.e. I could create 2 customer address records (address 1 and address 2) associated with customer A, the countries of the address records are all USA, state/city/district are all empty, the streets are all "No. 123 Street test". The purpose of address 1 is Business. The purpose of address 2 is Delivery.

But when I tried to import customer address records in DIXF like act on page, it was failed. I imported a customer address into D365 with purpose "Business", succeed. When I tried to import the second customer address record with purpose "Delivery", I found that instead of creating a new record to save the address with purpose "Delivery" like I expected, system updated the record with purpose "Business" imported before, set the purpose to "Delivery". Then finally I could find only 1 address record, even through I imported many times.

Did any one meet same scenario? How could I resolve it?

Or is it a limit of DIXF?