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Reset Quantity Reports

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When I attempt to calculate an employees time it shows an error on the line. When I attempt to delete the line I receive the error "Cannot delete line because quantities have been reported. Reset quantity reports." When I attempt to restore lines I get an error saying journal lines exist for the employee in the previous month. 

These journal lines are for a production order I am trying to end, however there are no job card journals for this employee. Also, in addition to the production order not being ended last month, the employee has also been deactivated as they have moved to a different area of the company. 

Any help would be appreciated in determining what to do to resolve this. I am stumped. 

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    AlexM2022 11 on at
    Reset Quantity Reports
    The below is a suggested answer
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    AlexM2022 11 on at
    Reset Quantity Reports
    I can confirm after I spoke with microsoft that it is because the production order that is related to the line you are trying to delete needs to be in the status 'Created' or 'Released'. On the lines, there needs to be a reference to the production order with a job number in the job identification number before you reset the status of the production order.
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    AlexM2022 11 on at
    Reset Quantity Reports
    Did you ever find the answer for this as I have the same error message,
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    Silvia Scharrer 15 on at
    RE: Reset Quantity Reports


    we do have a similar Problem. We would like to delete a worng posted line in Time and Attendance/Approve, but do get the same error "Cannot delete line because quantities hab been reported. Reset quantity reports". We already tried to set the quantity good of this posting back to 0, but this does not have any effect. The line still cant be deletet. It would be great to know how to "Reset quantity reports".

    Any ideas?

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