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Make an Account its own parent

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Question. . . is it possible in Dynamics 365 to make an account its own parent?  I was asked by a user:  

Is it possible to name the parent account the same name as the account name? For example, if I have if the account name is “substance treatment 123” can we give it the parent account of “substance treatment 123”?

It doesn't appear to be possible. I tried opening an account record and searching for that account's name in the parent lookup field. The account name does not appear. I'm asking just in case it really is possible and I just haven't come across how to do it.


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    RE: Make an Account its own parent

    Thanks for the response, Kokulan.  

    I thought about making a second account record but scrapped the idea for the very reasons you gave. Not worth gunking up the database.

    My understanding is the account team thought it would be a good idea to have the parent account populated for every account. The data wouldn't be different just the same account pointing back to itself.

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    Kokulan 18,048 on at
    RE: Make an Account its own parent


    I have tried this on a latest version of CRM and it seems to allow me to create two accounts with same name and set the Parent Account lookup



    But you will have the following issues

    01. Duplicate detection rule will kick in and complaint that already an account exists with the same name so you may end up changing that rule

    02. You will have issues when doing import as it will be matching by the name and it will fail with conflicts

    Just out of curiosity, will the data be different for both of these accounts? I mean address and other details will be different or it's going to be the same?

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