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GL year end failing - no error showing

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Hey Everyone:

I have a client who's GL year end is failing.  They're heavily leveraging allocation accounts, so the lack of a year end roll is really jamming their system.  But when I run the year it's faiing on step 3 of 7, with no notification.  It just hangs.  I saw someone else's article about this, where they changed some multicurrency settings, and I've tried that; nothing.  Just sitting there.  I've run a checklinks on the financial system, and apart from hundreds of pages of "originating amount updating" nothing really caught me off guard there.  The system is totally non-responsive, and a SQL trace shows no activity.  

Has anyone else seen this before?  


As I said, they're screwed until I can get this fixed, so I could REALLY use some help.

GP18.3.1200 Canadian



  • Richard Wheeler Profile Picture
    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: GL year end failing - no error showing

    That will do it. Zero bytes available is always a problem. Good detective work.

  • Suggested answer
    James McCullough Profile Picture
    James McCullough 290 on at
    RE: GL year end failing - no error showing

    Hello All:

    An update.

    I was able to successfully run the year end procedure.  Checklinks provided no information of any use.  I went through the year end attempt multiple times, before making two discoveries:

    1. The SQL server log file drive was out of space; additionally someone had also set the log file to not allow expansion

    2. I found the post from Mahmoud Saadi regarding something similar

    We corrected the SQL sizing, the drive space, and followed Mahmoud's advice of removing the multicurrency from the multicurrency setup window in financial, and were able to complete a year end.  Special thanks to ALL people in the links below (assuming the forum doesn't kill them.)  I'm providing ALL of the links I used so that if someone comes across this in future, they might be able to follow my own research quickly.


  • Rosemary Profile Picture
    Rosemary on at
    RE: GL year end failing - no error showing

    Good day,

    I would try this option that is being suggested.

    We had the same issue where it failed at step 3, we're currently at GP2013 , but the issue was the SQL installation. You can try running the YE from a terminal Server, it's faster or any other machine.

    We installed the production database in test and ran the YE and it went through. This was done to identify if it was an application issue.

    We ran the YE on another machine in production and it went through successfully.



  • Richard Wheeler Profile Picture
    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: GL year end failing - no error showing

    With no one in GP I would try stopping and starting the SQL services and the run DBCC CHECKDB to see if there any issues with the database.

  • Gavin Profile Picture
    Gavin 2,331 on at
    RE: GL year end failing - no error showing


    Although I've never had this particular issue, when GP hangs one of the first things I run is sp_whoisactive (a free tool you can download from to check for blocking on the SQL server. I know you mentioned an SQL trace shows no activity but this could be because of blocking.

    If this shows any blocking you can look at the processes and resources involved and try and resolve.

    I hope this helps.



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