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Invoice capture - Line transfer

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Is it possible to transfer invoice lines into D365 when using the Cost invoice type and the settings are for an Invoice journal in D365? 
I can't find any documentation on transferring fields from Invoice capture into D365. We've managed to successfully run PO Invoices and match them in D365 - but since the purchase info is set up at the PO stage we expect this to work. For Cost invoices, we want to create the lines once - select the Expense type and have the lines ready to go on the Invoice journal in D365 after we transfer. Any ideas or documentation you could point me to?

On a related note, we can pull Expense types into Invoice capture. But when we try to load Item numbers it always comes up blank. I can get past this by creating configurations to fill this out in Invoice capture, but can't manually type an Item number in. Ideas?
It seems like a half-built solution.