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Work Center Groups/Work Centers

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Am I able to set a machine, such as a mill, as a work center group and then add the interchangeable tools the machine requires, such as an endmill, as work centers to that group? 

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    RE: Work Center Groups/Work Centers

    It is also an AX2009 reference, the software now has resources and capabilities so they have extended it in this area on top of what Tim references, although "tooling" is not slick in my opinion (from when I last looked at it!)

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    RE: Work Center Groups/Work Centers

    No, don't think so.

    Work center groups are a bit confusing. Every work center has to be in a work center group and every work center group must have at least one work center in it (well that rule works for me, I don't know if it's actually essential in every case).

    So, if all you had was your milling machine, I'd create a group, and then a work center within that group.

    The tools probably belong in a separate group - because it's a bit of overkill to create a group for each tool.

    Now on your route you can use primary and secondary operations. The Primary operation specifies the milling machine, and the secondary the tool.

    On route operations you can specify that you want to use one (or more) work centers out of the group, or a specific work center, so for all practical purposes, you only use resource scheduling at the group level if all of your resources are identical, for example if you had 4 identical tools and could use any one of them at any one time. Then you'd create a group for those tools and schedule to the group. If the tools are all different then you never mention the group on your routes.

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