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Advance bank reconciliation import process

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Hi folks,
I am implementing advance bank recon for my client. I imported the ABR BAI2 Format file from electronic reporting and configured it under our bank statement format in d365 as below:
After testing the import of bank statements that we received from the bank. The bank statement was imported successfully, and I was able to validate it as well. On the reconciliation worksheet, the document number field on the bank statement lines (on the right screen) is empty for all transactions but we have these document numbers on the bank statement text file we received from the bank. Somehow, the document number field is blank for all transactions on the right side of the screen. I need the document number to populate on the bank statement lines so I can set up a matching rule to match with the document number. 
Is there anything I need to do on the electronic reporting side of the BAI2 format? 
Thank you,
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    Community member 15 on at
    Advance bank reconciliation import process
    Hello Hana, 
    Thank you for replying to this post. How can I ensure the mapping is correct between the BAI2 file and the corresponding fields in D365FO? Do I need a developer to look into this or it can be done on the front end of D365?
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    Hana Xue Microsoft Employee on at
    Advance bank reconciliation import process
    Ensure that the BAI2 format in electronic reporting is configured correctly. Verify that the mapping between the fields in the BAI2 file and the corresponding fields in D365FO is accurate.
    You can check this blog to set matching rules, it mentions payment reference = document number
    Best Regards,

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