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To reconfirm PO, what document status is needed ?

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Posted on by 898
Hi guys,
I'm creating a custom API which the job is to be able to re-confirm PO with before it is re-confirm, I may want to update its prices.
May I know what Document Status is applicable in order to run Confirmation against a once confirmed PO ?
I'm using this :
//update purchase orderPurchFormLetterParmData          purchFormLetterParmData;purchFormLetterParmData = PurchFormletterParmData::newData(DocumentStatus::Confirmation,                            VersioningUpdateType::Correction);
But currently stuck with error like this :
/Function FormLetterParmDataCorrection.parmFormLetterParmData has been incorrectly called./
When I tried to debug, it looks it is hit this checking :
It looks like something with the versioningUpdate, which not allowing to have data update ?
May I know is there any specific rule for the Document Status to allow a confirmed PO, to change its data especially the Price. 
And basically may I know how the Re-confirmation PO with X++ looks ?
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    Community member 898 on at
    To reconfirm PO, what document status is needed ?
    Hi Andre,
    Ni, I'm not enabled change management.
    The initial of my program is like this :
    purchFormLetterParmData = PurchFormletterParmData::newData(DocumentStatus::PurchaseOrder,
                            purchParmUpdate = purchFormLetterParmData.parmParmUpdate();
                            purchParmTable.TransDate                = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDate(DateTimeUtil::getUserPreferredTimeZone());
                            purchParmTable.Ordering                 = DocumentStatus::PurchaseOrder;
                            purchParmTable.ParmJobStatus            = ParmJobStatus::Waiting;
                            purchParmTable.PurchId                  = purchTable.PurchId;
                            purchParmTable.PurchName                = purchTable.PurchName;
                            purchParmTable.DeliveryName             = purchTable.DeliveryName;
                            purchParmTable.DeliveryPostalAddress    = purchTable.DeliveryPostalAddress;
                            purchParmTable.OrderAccount             = purchTable.OrderAccount;
                            purchParmTable.CurrencyCode             = purchTable.CurrencyCode;
                            purchParmTable.InvoiceAccount           = purchTable.InvoiceAccount;
                            purchParmTable.DocumentDate             = purchTable.AccountingDate;
                            purchParmTable.Payment                  = purchTable.Payment;
                            purchParmTable.ParmId                   = purchParmUpdate.ParmId;
                            List         puchLinesList = _request.parmPurchLineList();
                            ListIterator literator = new ListIterator(puchLinesList);
                            while (literator.more())
                                MyLineRequest   updateLineRequest;
                                updateLineRequest = literator.value();
                                LineNum     lineNum;
                                ItemId      itemId;                          
                                Price       purchPrice;
                                lineNum     = updateLineRequest.parmLineNum();
                                itemId      = updateLineRequest.parmItemId();                     
                                purchPrice  = updateLineRequest.parmPurchPrice();
                                PurchLine   purchLine;
                                select purchLine
                                where purchLine.PurchId == purchTable.PurchId
                                   && purchLine.LineNumber == lineNum
                                   && purchLine.ItemId == itemId;
                                if (purchLine)
                                    purchParmLine.ParmId      = purchParmTable.ParmId;
                                    purchParmLine.TableRefId  = purchParmTable.TableRefId;         
                                    purchParmLine.PurchPrice  = purchPrice;
                                    purchParmLine.setQty(DocumentStatus::PurchaseOrder, false, true);
                                purchFormLetter = PurchFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::PurchaseOrder);
    By this, the confirmation is done, but when I check, the price is not updated. At first I suspect because I'm using VersioningUpdateType::Initial, so changed to VersioningUpdateType::Correction. But after since, I get that error all time.  "/Function FormLetterParmDataCorrection.parmFormLetterParmData has been incorrectly called./
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    Andre Arnaud de Cal... 283,045 Super User on at
    To reconfirm PO, what document status is needed ?
    In case you have enabled Change management, a user would first need to perform an action called 'Request change'. 

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