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Ax2012R2 (no CU) global roll out / hints for techical setup

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we currently run an AX2012R2 (no CU) installation with servers based in Switzerland. We plan to roll out to the UK where we will use citrix sessions from swiss citrix servers, so the performance is still ok. Now .. later next year we plan also to roll out to a Chinese location. Our first idea was to keep the servers in switzerland and have china access thru swiss citrix sessions. But now we saw for other it projects that the connection speed (latency to/for switzerland is someweher between 250 and 300 ms. Which is for either citrix sessions or local clients by far to slow. We hoped to avoid to have a seperate Ax2012R2 server installation in China / do not need to replicate ..

Has anyone experiences in global setups and faced these probs?


Pirmin from switzerlan

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    RE: Ax2012R2 (no CU) global roll out / hints for techical setup

    I work in a project that faced a similar problem. The solution in that project was what you want to avoid, a separate installation and a custom solution for replication of data. This was for AX 2009 tough. For AX 2012 I would take a look at master data management for data replication. An alternative could be terminal sessions instead of citrix.

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