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Knowledge Base articles URL

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Previously, the knowledge base articles in our portal could be accessed with or without the language code in the URL.  For example, and would direct you to the article on the portal.  Now, the article is only accessible if the language code is added to the URL.  Is this by design because of creating different language versions of the articles? Has there been some sort of update that causes this?  Has this always been the case and just never noticed it?  We've recently published a number articles in different languages, could this be cause and how it will be going forward?

The Redirect option in the portal doesn't seem to be a quick fix for this as it isn't redirecting.

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    scottch on at
    RE: Knowledge Base articles URL

    Hello Leo,

    The current knowledge url format is:{kbnum}.  So are you saying that I need to add 'en-us' to this url format?  Will this update the current articles or cause any issues with the current articles?  What about articles in other languages that have different language codes?

    With the translations option, it still looks like the language code has to be added to the url to be able to access the article.  I've been trying to use 'Redirects' as a workaround but it doesn't seem to be functioning.

    Thanks again,


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    LeoAlt 16,327 on at
    RE: Knowledge Base articles URL

    Hi partner,

    In general, we just need to add the article's encoding at the end of the URL. 

    You could go to Settings->Service Management->Embedded Knowledge Search to check your knowledge url format.


    You could also only publish an article with one language and try the url again without language code.

    By the way, the knowledge base also have the translation function.

    Hope it helps.

    Best Regards,


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