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extracting an #ID from email subject

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I have a flow that I would like to use to update a list item. The ID of the item is contained within the email subject in this form: /#REF1234 Whatever subject follows/ where 1234 is the id. I am looking for the proper function to isolate the ID following #REF from the string this could be any number of digits following #REF. I am unsure one function alone can achieve this, I tried searching a bit and array might seem to be one way to go but i wasn't exactly sure where to start.
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    extracting an #ID from email subject
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    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    extracting an #ID from email subject
    Is the format of your subject field values fixed?
    For example: #REF1234 space Whatever subject follows
    The #REF always comes first, followed immediately by the ID, then a space followed by the text.
    If so, then you can use the following expression.
    slice(outputs('Get_a_row_by_ID')?['body/subject'], 4, indexOf(outputs('Get_a_row_by_ID')?['body/subject'], ' '))
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