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How, can I complain' on Swiggy? 840.985.0997.wq

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To file a complaint against swiggy, you can follow these steps:198
Contact swiggy Customer Support:(0840–9850–997) Visit the Swiggy website or open the airtel on your mobile device.
Look for the "Help" or "Support" section. You can usually find it in the app menu or at the bottom of the website.
In the Help/Support section, browse through the available options or use the search bar to find relevant information related to your complaint.
If you find a relevant topic or question, click on it to view more details. Look for an option to contact Zomato ....customer support or file a complaint.
Click on the "Contact Us" or "Raise a Complaint" option, and you will be presented with different ways to get in touch with Myntra customer support team.
You may have options such as a chat interface, an email form, or a phone number to call. Choose the method that you prefer or that is available.
If there is a chat interface, describe your complaint in detail to the customer support representative. Provide necessary details such as your order number, date of order, and specific information about the issue you are facing. Engage in a conversation to discuss your complaint.
If there is an email form, fill it out with accurate information. Include your order number, date of order, and a clear description of your complaint. Provide all relevant details and any supporting evidence if available.
If there is a phone number provided, call the customer support number and explain your complaint to the representative. Provide all necessary information and be clear about the issue you are facing. Take note of any reference numbers or details provided during the call for future reference.
Swiggy's customer support team will review your complaint and work to resolve the issue. They may contact you via email, phone, or through the chat interface to provide updates or seek additional information.
Remember to remain calm and polite while filing your complaint. Clear and accurate information will help Swiggy's customer support team understand and address your concern effectively...fxkmn

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