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Vendor history vanished!

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We recently realized that several vendor's history has vanished in the Purchasing module.  We are running MEM and recently did a system backup to run vendor modifier for a large number of vendors to change the vendor ID.  The vendors that the issue exists on were not part of the group we modified.  We can see the historical transactions on the general ledger but when we attempt to drill back to the original invoice entry, we receive an error that the transaction doesn't exist.  Has anyone seen this before and how did you fix it? 
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    Vendor history vanished!
    One thing here stands out to me is you have MEM. Using the Vendor Modifier/Combiner usually does not work with third party tables and will usually error out. How did you get around this when using this with MEM? Did you get any Error when doing this?
    My assumption is the Vendor ID did not get changed on the MEM tables and why it cannot drill back to the PM Information.
    I would approach this by first check the GP Core Tables to see if you can see the missing documents. The History table in Payables is the PM30200 table.
    Example script would be:
    Select * from PM30200 where Vendorid = 'Enter the new Vendor ID here'
    Select * from PM30200 where Vendorid = 'Enter the old Vendor ID here'
    Select * from PM30200 where VCHRNMBR  = 'Voucher Number of missing PM Document'
    Then I would check the MEM Tables and compare to the PM30200 table to see if there is a difference.
    select * from B3920200 where vendorid = 'Enter new Vendor ID'
    select * from B3920200 where vendorid = 'Enter old Vendor ID'

    select * from B3920200 where vchrnmbr = 'Enter voucher number'
    Compare the tables and verify that the Vendor ID is the same between all the tables. If not, I would assume that this is the reason why you cannot see the history. If so, you will need to reach out to Binary Stream to see how you can get their tables update with the correct Vendor information from the change.
    I hope this helps!
    Thank you!
    Functional Consultant.

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