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Integrate Dynamics 365 Finance with Lite-deployed Project Operations

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Hello Dynamics fellas, 
We have a customer who is currently in need of Project Operations and CE Sales, so they are advised to deploy Lite version of Project Operations but in the future, they may have Finance & Operations system as well. Since it is only Lite version, there will be no FinOps-related fields automatically added and synchronized to tables like stocked version (see picture below). The question is whether those fields would be added and synchronized automatically when FinOps system is integrated with the lite Project Operations?
Thank you so much :)) 
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    ANInnoSolutions 181 on at
    Integrate Dynamics 365 Finance with Lite-deployed Project Operations
    Hello Community member,

    As I mentioned in this thread, if you want to switch from the "Lite-Deployment" to the "Resource/Non-Stocked Scenario Deployment" later I would mention that this is not really foreseen in default as the features and at least your data is different (these are two different processes). From D365-Architecture side in my opinion it should be possible as you do not really have to use all functions and features per Deployment Type (Dual Write can be used anyway, too and in different scales per Dynamics 365 applications). But in worst case you will face differences in your transferred data which can be irreversibel and wrong after the change.

    As far as I know there is no "guide" of the change of deployment types available, yet.

    Resulting, you can use the Dual Write integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation Apps and Customer Engagement Apps by Design to map individual objects but at least it depends on the exact requirement and best it will be evaluated before.



    *Due to the complex and different possibilities of deploying Dynamics 365 I highly recommend not to setup the application without some expert/partner or support. (For more information contact me under or visit

    *The Information comes directly from the manufacturer or provider and are validated (not guaranteed) up to date of creation of the posting.


    1. Microsoft Licensing Guide
    2. Microsoft Doc`s/Learn
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    Thomas David Dayman 11,319 on at
    Integrate Dynamics 365 Finance with Lite-deployed Project Operations
    You would need to either manually upgrade from 'Lite' to 'resource/non-stocked scenarios' so you can have natural integration with FinOps. Or you will have to create your own integrations with Logic Apps or function apps.
    I would talk to Microsoft on this issue.
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    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    Integrate Dynamics 365 Finance with Lite-deployed Project Operations
    Hi partner,
    Currently, there is no documentation on this.
    So i suggest you create a support ticket for professional assistance following the below procedure.
    Get Help + Support - Dynamics | Microsoft Docs

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