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LCS Rotating secrets not working

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Posted on by 14
We have not used the environment in some time, and our SSL cert has expired. In LCS I have been trying to /rotate secrets/ however after running for some time this results in /incomplete/.
I have logged into the VM using the username / password on the LCS environment details page - and windows warned me the users password had expired and needed changing. I updated the user account and set password not to expire, and kept it the same as the LCS environment page. I tried to rotate secrets again - same problem /incomplete/.
In the environment history there is no mentiong of even the attept of rotating secrets - its like nothing happens from the LCS environment history tab perspective.
How can I remedy this?
In addition - there are update packages to apply via LCS but these fail to. I was suspecting that the secret needed to be rotated first as perhaps the expired SSL cert causes the update attempt to fail.
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    Navneeth Nagrajan Profile Picture
    Navneeth Nagrajan 1,168 on at
    LCS Rotating secrets not working
    Another suggestion is in case, if the Rotate Secret SSL is not working the first time then you need to first do the following to make the Rotate secrets work.
    1. Rotate Dynamics Deployment certificate 
    2. Rotate Monitoring agent certificate
    Once the above mentioned certificates work then you can do a Rotate SSL certificate 
  • Andre Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    Andre Arnaud de Cal... 283,080 Super User on at
    LCS Rotating secrets not working
    Thanks for providing your solution for the community, Darrell. I have marked your reply as a verified answer. 
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    Darrell Tunnell Profile Picture
    Darrell Tunnell 14 on at
    LCS Rotating secrets not working
    Figured out the issue in the end
    Rotate secrets will fail if the WinRM ssl cert on the machine expires. Issue / fix described here
    Once I worked through this (the procedure itself had some issues I needed to workaround tsssk) then I was finally able to rotate secrets.
  • Andre Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    Andre Arnaud de Cal... 283,080 Super User on at
    LCS Rotating secrets not working
    Hi Darrell,
    When rotating the secrets, the VM should be running. I thought it is trying to use the credentials from the LCS environment page. In case you changed the password (maybe you didn't), the rotating secrets can't be executed then.
    Have you checked if all licenses are still valid? The VM comes with time-limited evaluation software. Maybe the Windows license and/or SQL got expired?
    Anyway, if you deploy a new environment everything should work smoothly again.

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