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Delay Direct Delivery Purchase order creation

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Hi - 90% of our orders we create in F&O are Direct Delivery. When a Sales Line is created, the Purchase order is automatically created (or updated) at the /same time/. This is not an issue with an order that has 2 lines, however we have many orders that are over 100 lines. In our Tier 2 environment, this takes up to 12 minutes to place these orders. The orders are created via X++, ODATA and Entities. In our Tier 5 environment, it takes about 8 minutes. Both are way too long.
When we create the sales order with 100 stocked items the speed is significantly better. It would seem creating and updating the Purchase Orders takes up most of the time.
My question; is it possible to delay Direct Delivery Purchase orders to be created till after the Sales Order is confirmed?
Thanks in advance
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    Kevin Xia Profile Picture
    Kevin Xia on at
    Delay Direct Delivery Purchase order creation

    if the current performance impact is a concern, you might want to consider optimizing the process. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Batch Processing:

      Instead of creating or updating each Purchase Order line immediately upon Sales Order line creation, consider implementing a batch processing mechanism. Accumulate the changes and process them in bulk at specific intervals. This can significantly reduce the overhead of creating/updating multiple Purchase Orders.
    2. Async Processing:

      Explore asynchronous processing options. You could initiate the Purchase Order creation/update in the background after the Sales Order is confirmed. This way, the user experience during Sales Order creation is not affected.
    3. Optimize Code and Queries:

      Review the X++ code, ODATA calls, and entities involved in the creation/update process. Optimize the code and ensure that the queries are efficient. Inefficient code or queries can contribute to slower processing times.
    Best regards,
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    Andre Arnaud de Cal... 283,045 Super User on at
    Delay Direct Delivery Purchase order creation
    Hi PhillyNJ,
    You can use the Trace Parser to check what exactly is consuming the majority of time. Maybe it would be possible to speed up the process if you find the culprit. I don't have an environment running, but I thought you can first confirm the SO and then create direct delivery orders.

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